Statewide Propositions

See below for CTA’s Recommendations on the 2018 Statewide Initiatives:

YES on Proposition 4: Children’s Hospital Bond

Details: Proposition 4 would authorize $1.5 billion in general obligation bonds to provide for the Children’s Hospital Bond Act Fund. The initiative would allocate the $1.5 billion in bond funds as follows:

  • 72 percent ($1.08 billion) to seven nonprofit hospitals providing comprehensive services to high volumes of children eligible for governmental programs and children with special health needs eligible for California Children’s Services.
  • 18 percent ($270 million) to five University of California general acute hospitals
  • 10 percent ($150 million) to public and private hospitals that provide pediatric services to children eligible for California Children’s Services.
  • Educating the whole child means ensuring that students have access to comprehensive healthcare!

Visit Yes on Proposition 4 to learn more.

NO on Proposition 5: Residential Property Tax Transfers


  • Proposition 5 would revise the process for home buyers who are age 55 or older or severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments potentially eliminating hundreds of millions of dollars from the state general fund.
  • Proposition 5 is another big tax break for the wealthy. Longtime, wealthy homeowners get to pile up more tax breaks while renters and first-time homebuyers face higher housing prices.
  • If Proposition 5 passes, up to $1 billion in local revenue could slashed from public schools. It also drains up to $1 billion from crucial local services like health care, parks, libraries and emergency response.
  • Proposition 5 is another attack on public sector services provided by organized labor and threatens schools and public services!

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Get the facts: Click here for the No on Proposition 5 Fact Sheet

Spread the word: Ideas for how to talk about Prop 5 with friends and family

Who opposes Prop 5? View the growing coalition of Californians opposed to Prop 5

Visit No on Proposition 5 to learn more

NO on Prop 6: Eliminates certain road repair and transportation funding.


Prop 6 would eliminate funding for more than 6,500 local bridge and road safety and transportation improvement projects. Vote NO to stop the attack on bridge and road safety.

Learn more about Prop 6 here

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YES on Proposition 10: Rent Control


  • Proposition 10 supports affordable housing by allowing local governments to regulate rent and cap the amounts that may be charged to working families by repealing the Costa Hawkins Act.
  • Passing Proposition 10 will return the power to regulate rental housing units back to local governments; and, will allow local governments to establish strong rent control that would address the nation’s worst housing affordability and homelessness crisis.
  • Passing Proposition 10 will not require any city or county to adopt or expand rent control but would give them the choice to do so— a choice they don’t currently have.
  • Rent control is needed because today one in three Californians pay more than half their income in rent!

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Second grade teacher David Fisher explains why teachers strongly recommend Yes On Prop 10. It breaks our hearts to see our students and their families struggle to live in our state. It’s time for solutions to this crisis!

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Visit Yes on Proposition 10 to learn more

NO on Proposition 11: Ambulance employees


  • Proposition 11 would allow ambulance companies to require and compel workers to remain on call during breaks.
  • Private emergency medical services (EMS) companies in California have proposed this deceptive initiative that would impact thousands of AFSCME union members. Proposition 11 makes the labor law that entitles hourly employees to take work (meal and rest) breaks without being on call inapplicable to private sector emergency ambulance employees while exempting employers from potential liability for violations of existing law regarding work breaks.
  • Ambulance companies are currently facing major litigation over their failure to comply with existing law and this initiative is their attempt to skirt the law and avoid paying out millions of dollars in liability.
  • This measure is a misleading attempt by the ambulance companies to circumvent existing law while putting thousands of union members and Californians at risk!

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