Supt. of Public Instruction: A Closer Look

Elect the leader who shares your vision for public schools: Vote Tony Thurmond to lead our schools as Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tony Thurmomd giving a student a high five in the classroom

The choice for Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) is simple. It depends on your values.

Do you believe public education is a service that provides equitable opportunity for all students? Or should it be run like a business, with efficiency and bottom lines more important than learning and knowledge?

The choice before voters is stark in the Superintendent of Public Instruction race and the stakes are extremely high – Tony Thurmond supports public schools and embraces the transformative potential of education while Marshall Tuck criticizes our schools and educators, and seeks to hand over public schools over to privatizers. Check out the resources below to help you make an informed decision for California’s next schools chief.

New: ACLU of California issues statement on misleading and deceptive ads from Super PAC backing Marshall Tuck

NEW: California’s 5 Statewide Teachers of the Year for 2018 Endorse Tony Thurmond for State Superintendent

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Which candidate for SPI aligns with your values on public education? Take the pop quiz!

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