Meet Gavin Newsom


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The Educators’ Choice for Governor

Gavin Newsom believes that solving California’s public education problems starts with educators. He believes we need to attract high quality educators and retain them, by treating them and paying them as professionals. As mayor of San Francisco, Newsom set up a rainy-day fund that prevented teacher layoffs during the recession and state budget cuts.

Newsom believes that educational excellence isn’t conceived in Sacramento, but rather comes from the daily toil of hundreds of thousands of educators, parents and students. And he’s tired of people demonizing educators, when they are really the everyday heroes who have devoted their dreams to helping all students achieve theirs.

Newsom supports creating more full-service community public schools – with wellness centers, arts education, computer science education, and after-school programs. As mayor of San Francisco, Newsom used city resources to help local schools serve as community centers.


Newsom believes a good education is the key to opportunity and a good life. He opposed college tuition hikes and supports two years of free community college tuition to reduce student debt and create better pathways to quality jobs.

Like educators, Newsom opposes the privatization of public education. He opposes the proliferation of charters, especially those run by private management companies who want to profit off our kids. He supports holding charter schools to the same standards of accountability and transparency as neighborhood public schools. Newsom has seen the waste and abuse by some charter operators and is committed to making it stop. He believes all charters must provide equal access to ALL students and that the decisions about authorizing charter schools must be made locally, by local school boards.

Newsom’s top priorities are education and increasing affordable access to quality schools at all levels, economic development, creating jobs, reducing poverty, protecting the environment, and social justice. He will ensure that California continues to lead by example with innovative and bold ideas.